You and Your Instrument: Helen D

You and Your Instrument

Helen D (flute)

Q. When did you first start playing your instrument?

Age 13 (3rd year of senior school).

Q. What or who inspired you?

My father – he wanted me to learn. I initially protested saying I was too busy with piano, guitar, Girl Guides, choir and any other number of hobbies. Now – I can’t play piano to any standard, and have forgotten how to play guitar. Just goes to show, father knows best.

Q. Who taught you?

Mrs Wilson – a peripatetic teacher. Initially I shared lessons with two others, once a week. After a term or two I had weekly lessons on my own. Five years later, aged 18, I sat 3 A Levels, Grade 8 Flute and a driving test in the same term. I failed the driving test.

Q. Which bands have you played in?

As a child, Bromley junior band, school orchestra. Now,  Beckenham concert band and Hayes symphony orchestra, Zephyrus (wind decet), with occasional depping in Orpington symphony orchestra and others.

Q. Name three highlights of your band playing career.

Neuwied, marching in incredibly hot weather, Hyde park bandstand. Methodist central Hall.