You and Your Instrument: Louisa

You and Your Instrument

Louisa (flute)

Hi everyone,

We would like to feature one member of the band each week, with their musings and also answers to the questionnaire below.  I said I would get the ball rolling, so here goes!

 Hope you are coping ok with our strange new world.  I am finding that a daily walk helps a lot, my husband Richard and I put on our walking boots (which are more used to Welsh hillsides!) and stride out round the side streets of Beckenham.  We discuss the houses we see – he has chosen one he would like to live in, but I said he would be on his own as I don’t like it at all!  

 Trying to play the flute for a few minutes each day.  I plug my iPad into Richard’s base guitar amp, so I can really ramp up the noise level if I want to and have the sounds of a full concert band in the front room.  Pity the neighbours!

 I am working from home and taking part in lots of video calls, getting used to it remarkably quickly.   I feel for people who are trying to home school their children as well as work.

 Sending best wishes,


You and Your Instrument – Questionnaire

Q. When did you first start playing your instrument?

I switched from piano to flute at age 12

Q. What or who inspired you?

James Galway and his golden flute 

Q. Who taught you?

School lessons at first, three to a class, then private lessons with a local teacher

Q. Which bands have you played in?

Arthur Doyle Concert Band, Wipperfuerth Musikverein (during year abroad in Germany), and the Lichfield City Band

Q. Name three highlights of your band playing career.

1. Marching round the streets of Vienna in my first band (aged 16), playing Radetsky March, with all the Austrian biddies clapping along enthusiastically
2. On the same trip:  playing with the Massed Bands in front of Schoenbrunn Palace, 2000 people all playing the same piece; interrupted by a thunderstorm
3. Marching in 30 degree heat in Germany on our BCB tour, behind our exchange partners who also had the bagpiper playing Highland Cathedral.  Unforgettable!

Q. Name one thing you would like to do in the future with BCB.

Go on another tour!!  Ideally Germany as they have such a strong band tradition there.

Q. Please provide a photograph of yourself playing or engaging in a musical activity.

Please see picture: This is me in front of Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna.  Aged 16!